Meaning of yellowbill in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjɛləʊbɪl/


  • Any of a number of birds with yellow bills.

    the African yellow-billed duck (Anas undulata, family Anatidae).
    the African yellow-billed cuckoo (Ceuthmochares aereus, family Cuculidae).

    ‘Late in the dry season, the Natal mahogany, flame-colored creeper, wild jasmine and sausage trees (so named for the long pods that hang from their branches) are in intoxicating bloom and flocks of yellowbills, pelicans and fish eagles gather to eat at the drying out lagoons and pools.’
    • ‘Here there were as many lories as yellowbills (a sort of duck), so just named it Ad Libitum.’
    • ‘In some areas geese and yellowbills eat grain crops and can cause local damage.’
    • ‘Kingfishers, yellowbills, doves and a host of other winged warblers I could not identify.’
    • ‘Wake up in this tranquil valley where the yellowbills paddle up the river and the Egyptian Geese honk overhead.’