Meaning of yellowhead in English:



  • A rare New Zealand songbird with a yellow head and underparts, found only on the South Island.

    Mohoua ochrocephala, family Pachycephalidae (or Acanthizidae)

    • ‘They attack the birds that nest in holes, so a heavy seeding puts birds such as the kaka, parakeet and yellowhead more at risk.’
    • ‘It is an emergency response programme to bird species that are endangered, such as the orange fronted kakariki, whio or blue duck, and yellowhead.’
    • ‘Without that response the endangered yellowhead, which lives in that valley, will be in grave danger if rat numbers continue to rise and reach plague proportions.’
    • ‘Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society conservation director Eric Pyle said the report showed many species were moving closer to extinction, including the six species of kiwi, as well as kakas, blue ducks and yellowheads.’
    • ‘The mohua/yellowhead is a small, insect-eating bird which lives only in the forests of New Zealand's South Island and Stewart Island.’