Meaning of yenta in English:



informal North American
  • A woman who is a gossip or busybody.

    ‘she acts like a nosy yenta’
    • ‘At one point she impersonates a domestic day-worker in order to glean insider information about the Schwartz family, pumping their housekeeper for juicy details as they gossip together like yentas.’
    • ‘My mom's face contorted with a combination of tension and mischief, as if the mom side of her wanted to shield me from the news, but the yenta side of her had to share this life-changing gossip.’
    • ‘Her people's era on West 107th long since past, Mrs. Weissman had no fondness for the coarse new crowd, and in truth, was a kind of pitiable figure - a yenta who had lost her nosiness.’


1920s Yiddish, originally a given name.