Meaning of Yeoman Warder in English:

Yeoman Warder


  • A warder at the Tower of London.

    • ‘The reception was then held in the Yeoman Warder's Club, which is also within the Tower's walls, where the Beefeaters volunteered their services to serve the meal.’
    • ‘Prisoners in the Tower was the title of the talk on May 28 given by Roy Sanders-Crook a retired Yeoman Warder.’
    • ‘Likewise, England isn't roast beef and horseradish, it isn't Yeoman Warders, and it isn't Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet.’
    • ‘He also met Yeoman Warders, otherwise known as Beefeaters, and saw himself on a silver screen as a four-year-old boy at his mother's coronation in 1953.’
    • ‘The Yeomen Warders, also known as the beefeaters, are armed with a haberd or pike known as a partisan.’


Yeoman Warder

/jəʊmən ˈwɔːdə/