Meaning of yesterday morning (or afternoon etc.) in English:

yesterday morning (or afternoon etc.)


  • In the morning (or afternoon etc.) of yesterday.

    ‘my wife had a baby boy yesterday morning’
    • ‘Early yesterday morning there was an insurgent attack to the north of our base camp.’
    • ‘They had arrived yesterday morning and they claimed to be taking an afternoon walk.’
    • ‘The teenager taken to hospital yesterday morning was released by the afternoon.’
    • ‘I wrote the above yesterday morning as I stared at the computer screen not sure where to start at all.’
    • ‘I was at my desk before nine yesterday morning and left it just after nine - twelve and a bit hours later.’
    • ‘Wardship proceedings in the case of the twins were issued yesterday morning in the family division of the High Court.’
    • ‘When Jose Mourinho looked out his bedroom window yesterday morning, he would have liked what he saw.’
    • ‘But in the early hours of yesterday morning, the penny dropped in Murray's mind.’
    • ‘I got in yesterday morning full of enthusiasm for re-arranging my bedroom.’
    • ‘He woke me up yesterday morning with gentle purring as he padded across my duvet, then rolled on his back to have his tummy tickled.’