Meaning of yidaki in English:


nounyidaki, yidakis

  • A didgeridoo, typically one made by an Australian Aborigine using traditional techniques.

    • ‘Neither of these commentators belongs to a group for whom the yidaki has any ceremonial significance whatsoever.’
    • ‘It is inappropriate for anyone to presume to play anyone else's yidaki.’
    • ‘It is a place where Ganbulapula brought the yidaki (or didgeridoo) into being amongst the Gumatj people.’
    • ‘Traditional instruments such as the yidaki (didgeridoo) and bilma (ironwood clapsticks) are juxtaposed with electric guitars, bass, keyboards and drums.’
    • ‘Musically the main ingredients are guitar, drums and keyboard, plus didgeridoo (yidaki) and clapsticks (bilma).’
    • ‘The Australian didgeridoo or yidaki is a simple wind instrument, yet a good player can coax from it a variety of timbres greater than that of many an orchestral instrument.’


Yolngu (an Aboriginal language of Arnhem Land), ‘didgeridoo’.