Meaning of yike in English:



informal Australian
  • 1A quarrel.

    ‘I watched the yike on telly between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition’
    • ‘There are moral overtones to all of this, and we say no, don't use your industrial muscle, don't use your patients as bargaining chips in your yike with the government.’
    • ‘I understand that there was a yike between the two Government parties at party meetings about the loans.’
    • ‘"Bit of a yike on earlier, eh? He just says anything that comes into his head."’
    • ‘"Seems like you got a yike on your hands," Tom said.’
    • ‘He said, "Sorry your party ended up in a yike, Mum. Never mind. The tucker was marvellous."’
    • ‘There was a yike about providing loans to farmers at this percentage.’
    argument, row, fight, disagreement, difference of opinion, dissension, falling-out
  • 2A statement of dissatisfaction; a complaint.

    ‘his constant yike is that no one takes him seriously’
    • ‘Of course there is a yike: the university is saying, “In 2005 we will miss out. We will be $7 million worse off."’
    • ‘I was just having a yike about a woman passenger with the ship's skipper.’
    protest, protestation, objection, remonstrance, statement of dissatisfaction, grievance, charge, accusation, criticism


1920s origin unknown.