Meaning of yip in English:


Pronunciation /jɪp/


  • A short, sharp cry or yelp, especially of excitement or delight.

    ‘they embraced in a din of squeals and yips’
    • ‘Pound called out, a yip of delight, and called me over.’
    • ‘She may be pardoned her short yip of joyful anticipation at the excitement the day promised.’
    • ‘I turned just as Piper gave a short yip and jumped up to run into Blairs arms.’
    • ‘Tanis set her trunk near the couch and let out a small yip at the sudden sharp pain to his lower back.’
    • ‘It's not a squeak we were hearing at all, but a yip.’
    • ‘A yip rang out, the high-pitched yelp of a surprised wolf.’
    • ‘I know it's a yip.’
    • ‘Quaz pounced on the younger boy with a playful yip.’
    • ‘Linus let out a yip,.’
    • ‘A high-pitched yip released me from my sleep-like stupor.’
    • ‘Occasionally he heard a happy yip from the puppy.’
    • ‘She let out a yip of triumph and sent the large staff at my head.’
    • ‘Denny let out a little yip which startled everyone.’
    • ‘She gave a little yip, which sent us all into conniptions of laughter.’
    • ‘With a yip of joy, she followed her father into the room, and then she felt everything tickle and her vision blurred.’
    • ‘She heard a yip, and then the Great Dane burst around the corner, wagging its tail as if it were playing a game.’
    • ‘She gave a little yip of panic when I crawled up under there with her, then relaxed a fraction as she saw who it was.’
    • ‘They both heard a yip and saw the small puppy looking at Doug with it's teeth bared.’
    • ‘The fox gave a yip as Ferric entered and pounced on the boy, easily knocking him over.’
    • ‘Kakuei fell upon her with yips and barks of glee.’

verbverb yips, verb yipping, verb yipped

[no object]
  • Give a short, sharp cry or yelp.

    ‘the winner yipped with glee’
    • ‘Katrina yipped as something incredibly sharp cut her upper chest and stomach.’
    • ‘Duval's driving was so bad it bordered on yipping.’
    • ‘The next thing you know you are yipping.’
    • ‘The three mutts that stayed on with the group ran about with energy that came from an unknown source, barking and yipping and yapping at the cattle.’
    • ‘Instantly, Kakuei burst from the brush, yipping joyfully.’
    • ‘I yipped breathily, eagerly tapping my foot on the bed.’
    • ‘Among other things, it yipped about it's economic performance.’
    • ‘They whooped and screeched and yipped and chattered.’
    • ‘The wolf threw itself at him, yipping and howling.’
    • ‘The dogs would start yipping.’
    • ‘It sets the rest off, all howling, barking, yipping, singing.’
    • ‘The coyote jumped to its feet, yipping and then took off at a sprint.’
    • ‘He leaned back, yipping, and I realised it was the bloke who I had kicked.’
    • ‘Two seconds later, the lady was yipping and screaming happily, and running to the back of the store.’
    • ‘There was howling and yipping after the arrow crashed through the vegetation.’
    • ‘Laughing she swung to the ground with the family dog yipping at the bottom.’
    • ‘When Lacy started to run towards him he ran to his tent with Lacy following him, yipping at his heels.’
    • ‘The other two dogs chased each other around the frond yard, yipping and rolling.’
    • ‘His jaw moved restlessly and the hyenas kept yipping and throwing their heads about.’
    • ‘The dog bounded off yipping at the busy crowd, the two children tagging along after it.’


Early 20th century (originally US): imitative.