Meaning of yippee in English:


Pronunciation /jɪˈpiː/

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  • Expressing wild excitement or delight.

    ‘Peter suggested they should go home. ‘Yippee!’ shouted Katie’
    • ‘I added up my dosh and i have an extra $100 for my holiday trip… yippee!’
    • ‘Only two weeks to go, yippee!’
    • ‘Off to the movies now, busy day with the main man, yippee!’
    • ‘At least I did it and they were all very proud of me yippee!’
    • ‘The prospect of a full night's sleep beckons, yippee!’
    • ‘There's a new Banking Code launching on 1 March - yippee!’
    • ‘Presidential historians are sitting there thinking, yippee, that's great.’
    • ‘I gave a private yippee, matching the stifled yes!’
    • ‘And yes, yippee, I have hit bottom on the piles of paper around the desk.’
    • ‘Next term I'll technically be a year 12, yippee!’


Natural exclamation: first recorded in American English in the 1920s.