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Pronunciation /jɒb/

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informal British
  • A rude, noisy, and aggressive young person.

    • ‘They urged police to crack down on racist yobs before youths took the law into their own hands.’
    • ‘Most vandals and yobs are created by irresponsible and neglectful parents.’
    • ‘We have let these people down - the yobs and their yob parents - and now we are paying the price.’
    • ‘Drastic measures need to be taken such as dusk to dawn curfews on yobs roaming our neighbourhood.’
    • ‘Residents are being driven out of their homes by young yobs and hooligans who are making their lives a misery.’
    • ‘Traders in the area, off London Road, have been heavily targeted in the past by vandals and yobs.’
    • ‘He said tougher standards were needed to crack down on drunken yobs.’
    • ‘Residents have appealed for police patrols to be stepped up to rid an estate of yobs and vandals.’
    • ‘Lives could be put at risk by yobs vandalising water hydrants so they can cool down in warm weather.’
    • ‘The brothers were described as yobs and louts by the judge in the Damilola trial.’
    • ‘You have restored my faith in human nature and it proves that not all young people are yobs.’
    • ‘The forum thinks night life in Kingston is only for the noisy, the rowdy and drug-taking yobs.’
    • ‘However there is a hardcore of yobs and vandals who don't give a monkeys about fox hunting.’
    • ‘A popular skate park could be closed down because problems with yobs have reached crisis point.’
    • ‘A school is having to fork out to buy security cameras after yobs broke in and embarked on a spree of vandalism.’
    • ‘Police say a clampdown on louts is working after two teenage yobs were hauled before the courts.’
    • ‘A woman who is a repeat victim of car vandals has hit out against the yobs who damage property.’
    • ‘He was knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly in the face by the yobs who threatened to kill him unless he handed over cash.’
    • ‘Police today launched an eight-week blitz on drunken yobs around Greater Manchester.’
    • ‘Schoolboy Will Greer watched in horror as two yobs rode off on his prized BMX bike.’
    hooligan, hoodlum, thug, lout, delinquent, vandal, ruffian, rowdy, troublemaker
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Mid 19th century back slang for boy.