Meaning of York, Archbishop of in English:

York, Archbishop of


  • The archbishop of the northern province of the Church of England. The office carries the title of Primate of England.

    • ‘The tribunal is being held at St Chad's Church, York, and is being heard by the Archbishop of York, Dr David Hope.’
    • ‘David Hope, the retiring Archbishop of York, on his despair at infighting in the church’
    • ‘However, they quickly fell out again when Becket asked the pope to excommunicate the Archbishop of York who had taken sides with the king.’
    • ‘One of the highlights will be a visit from the Archbishop of York, Dr David Hope, who will be guest of honour at a special service on Sunday, May 16.’
    • ‘They were married by the Archbishop of York, Dr Michael Ram-sey.’
    • ‘A decision on whether he will lose his job and home has yet to be made by the Archbishop of York, the Most Rev Dr David Hope.’
    • ‘Mr Brown's appeal to the Archbishop of York failed to get his licence reinstated.’
    • ‘Next week is Dr David Hope's last as Archbishop of York.’
    • ‘I was delighted to see John Sentamu appointed as Archbishop of York.’
    • ‘In April 1530, Wolsey arrived in York as Archbishop of York.’
    • ‘The final dedication was carried out by the Archbishop of York, William Temple, in June 1935.’
    • ‘The Archbishop of York will warn tonight that the Church of England's parish system is close to collapse.’
    • ‘A former senior cleric has welcomed the new Archbishop of York's tough stance on racism in the church.’
    • ‘Many in the church would like the next Archbishop of York to come from the liberal wing and to advance radical ideas.’
    • ‘The Archbishop of York, who has demoted himself, impressed churchwardens at interview with his humility.’
    • ‘He embraced the Archbishop of York, Dr Stuart Blanch, before climbing into the famed Pope-mobile to tour among the huge crowd.’
    • ‘Dr David Hope, the Archbishop of York, called on everyone to give whatever they could afford to aid those affected in the disaster.’
    • ‘The Archbishop of York today urged people to pray for the victims of the Asian tsunami tragedy and to give generously to aid relief efforts.’
    • ‘In the aftermath of the disaster two funds were set up to help victims, the York Flood Fund and the Archbishop of York's Flood Fund.’
    • ‘The Archbishop of York, Dr David Hope, led the service on Saturday for the bishop, who retires on March 5.’