Meaning of Yorkie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjɔːki/


  • A Yorkshire terrier.

    • ‘I've got two Yorkies, a Jack Russell and a Dyson.’
    • ‘It is rather like trying to turn a German shepherd into a Yorkie.’
    • ‘I've just had another phone call off daughter #2 to say that the grandson has been diagnosed as allergic to animals so she can't dog sit my Yorkies while I'm away on holiday in 2 weeks time.’
    • ‘King Charles, Yorkies and Labradors tend to go missing.’
    • ‘How did wolves transform into today's greyhounds, pugs, and Yorkies?’
    • ‘Tom is one of my Yorkies.’
    • ‘These working dogs, much larger than today's Yorkies, were adept at catching rats and other small mammals.’
    • ‘Before going to their house, we stopped at the dog groomers and picked up their adorable Yorkie named Rusty.’
    • ‘After which I had the excitement of giving my Yorkies a clipping.’
    • ‘The Yorkies were done when they were 6 months old as were my previous dogs.’
    • ‘You just wouldn't credit how difficult it is to take two little Yorkies out on leads.’