Meaning of Yorkist in English:



  • An adherent or a supporter of the House of York, especially in the Wars of the Roses.

    • ‘Only then did she fully take over the reins of government in her husband's name to set out to destroy the Yorkists.’
    • ‘The Yorkists defeated the Lancastrians at the Battle of Barnet, in the War of the Roses.’
    • ‘The Yorkists and Lancastrians exchange a violent parley.’
    • ‘The Yorkists have a reputation for impulsiveness and ruthlessness.’
    • ‘As I am neither a Yorkist nor a Cornishman, I will not send a copy of your report to Tintagel Town Council and risk starting a civil war.’


  • Relating to the House of York.

    ‘the town rallied itself to the Yorkist cause’
    • ‘By marrying Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV, Henry VII then proffered the essential palliative to those Yorkist defectors who had joined him against Richard in the first place.’
    • ‘The first challenge from Yorkist irreconcilables came as soon as April 1486, was headed by Lord Lovel and the Hastings brothers, and was put down without difficulty.’
    • ‘We've been shadow boxing with our own version of a Lancastrian and Yorkist rivalry.’
    • ‘A Yorkist regime was set up and York was appointed Lord Protector when the King fell ill.’
    • ‘Edward banishes Queen Margaret to France, and announces Yorkist celebrations.’