Meaning of Yorkshire terrier in English:

Yorkshire terrier


  • A dog of a small long-haired blue-grey and tan breed of terrier.

    • ‘Pekinese, bearded collies, dachshunds and Yorkshire terriers were among the 260 dogs seized at a single house in Lancashire last month.’
    • ‘Among terriers, only the Yorkshire terrier and the Boston terrier saw more registrations in 1998.’
    • ‘A Staffordshire bull terrier ripped apart a Yorkshire terrier and killed it in our park last Saturday.’
    • ‘The dogs range from puppies to an 18-year-old and include two lurchers, two German shepherds, 15 Yorkshire terriers and up to 20 other terriers.’
    • ‘The dogs, which are being cared for at York Animal Centre, include Yorkshire terriers, lurchers, German shepherds and crossbreeds.’
    • ‘Joan introduced them to her pride and joy, the lovely Yorkshire terriers she bred and her three ponies.’
    • ‘Immediately, my Yorkshire terrier puppy Bonbon came bouncing in the hallway, eager to greet me.’
    • ‘I'm often on Malibu beach because I've joined a dog club here, so I walk my Yorkshire terrier and get my Jack Daniel's and lobster fix.’
    • ‘Emily Brooke holds a toy poodle and a Yorkshire terrier, in New York.’
    • ‘I've got two Yorkshire terriers at home and I take them on 10-mile walks, but up here in the mountains my legs just gave way.’
    • ‘It's not until you limp into your 70s that people in their 40s look too young to vote, and college cheerleaders closely resemble Yorkshire terriers.’
    • ‘The holidaying-trio and their two Yorkshire terriers had almost climbed to the top of the crag but reached a point where they could go neither up nor down without help.’
    • ‘They took their eight-year-old and 10-year-old Yorkshire terriers with them and drove to Croydon.’
    • ‘His failing, it appears, is his passion for Yorkshire terriers.’
    • ‘I've seen someone who taught a Yorkshire terrier to imitate slowly rising pitch contours, and have myself sung along with a mutt who seemed to imitate motifs from George Jones and Mozart.’
    • ‘She arrived in court each day in undersized suits, sporting a Yorkshire terrier named George and a claque of supporters, her 13-year-old son Adam in tow.’
    • ‘Fudge, a Yorkshire terrier cross whose ears perked up when he saw the television lights, stole the show when he came barrelling down the stairs at his owner's home in Thornton, near Bradford.’
    • ‘A giant tree squirrel the size of a Yorkshire terrier hangs from a branch affixed to the wall just above foot-long centipedes and pill bugs as big as golf balls.’
    • ‘He was always accompanied by his Yorkshire terrier, Daisy.’
    • ‘I'm really surprised his Yorkshire terrier, Brandy, isn't in this picture.’


Yorkshire terrier

/ˌjɔːkʃə ˈtɛrɪə/