Meaning of you'll in English:


Pronunciation /juːl/ /jʊl/


  • You will; you shall.

    ‘you'll find many exciting features’
    • ‘The only other way you'll hear anything is if they score and that doesn't last long.’
    • ‘Keep it up guys and you'll soon have the Lake District to yourselves and your sheep!’
    • ‘As the road flattens out you'll get a chance to appreciate views across the valley.’
    • ‘Stay in a bedroom suite here and you'll awake to a view stretching to the Outer Hebrides.’
    • ‘If you stick to a liquid contract on a regulated exchange, you'll always be able to get out.’
    • ‘Go over your lawn with a springbok rake and you'll be surprised how much there is.’
    • ‘Another thing you might want to consider before you book is how much legroom you'll get.’
    • ‘As you'll have worked out by now, this more or less cancels the possibility of free will.’
    • ‘You know the frantic boredom of war and the way you'll clutch at almost any kind of amusement.’
    • ‘Use the day for figuring out complex problems and by tonight you'll see the solution!’
    • ‘Not only will you have a feast for the eyes, but you'll be assuaging my guilt into the bargain.’
    • ‘You have to be very strong because you will get knockbacks and you'll have to reassess.’
    • ‘If you want to find out more, like the email address needed, then you'll have to sign up.’
    • ‘If you must go to sleep, have a smoke alarm, then at least you'll wake everyone else up.’
    • ‘The decision to give blood is often made easier if you know the causes you'll be helping.’
    • ‘The more time you put into pondering what you want, the better off you'll be this week.’
    • ‘So as well as being able to walk miles, you'll be able to fight off the flu as well.’
    • ‘He says if you go around the graveyards of the area you'll know the miners by their age of death.’
    • ‘As grim a life as you'll ever witness is preserved in coal dust in a melancholy flick book.’
    • ‘If you go down to the woods this Sunday, you'll be in the wrong place to see a play about trees.’



/juːl/ /jʊl/