Meaning of you-all in English:


(also y'all)


dialect US
  • You (used to refer to more than one person)

    ‘how are you-all?’
    • ‘Not even a pounding migraine will keep me from posting bad poetry for y'all.’
    • ‘Before formatting for the site, I am giving y'all a chance to hurl some tomatoes at the content.’
    • ‘Read the Quran so as to understand the local culture better, y'all should read it for yourself.’
    • ‘So now that the cable modem's working again I can tell y'all more about the play.’
    • ‘Again, I'd like to thank Steve for inviting me aboard and hope that y'all enjoy my posts.’
    • ‘To me, it seems a wee bit more likely that it was y'all grumpy-pusses.’
    • ‘If any of y'all plan on attending the Feddie convention, make sure to say hello.’
    • ‘We hate being condescended to by car salesmen as much as y'all hate being made fun of by your television.’
    • ‘As some of y'all are aware, I have something of a second life as a freelance sportswriter.’
    • ‘On the other hand, what a pain to recode and for all y'all to redo your links.’
    • ‘I am all about promoting on campus musical activities this week, so listen up y'all.’
    • ‘I would greatly appreciate if y'all would say a prayer for him and my wife's family today.’
    • ‘I will keep y'all posted as to whether this particular bee in the bonnet ever pollinates.’
    • ‘I felt honour-bound to share it with y'all.’
    • ‘That was a short but sappy chapter to make up for some of the gruesome chapters I made y'all go through!’
    • ‘As long as y'all are in my house on Christmas morning, there will be presents under that tree for you.’
    • ‘When a time like this comes, when y'all have no water, we gonna bring that water.’
    • ‘To all who flit by here, I wish y'all a year filled with love, health, happiness, success and peace!’
    • ‘So, since I am so nice and all that, I went on my own search engine hunt and found the following for y'all.’
    • ‘Just so y'all know, these are not their real names, but they mean something to me.’