Meaning of you-know-who (or you-know-what) in English:

you-know-who (or you-know-what)


  • Used to refer to someone (or something) known to the hearer without specifying their identity.

    ‘the minister was later to be sacked by you-know-who’
    • ‘So while you-know-who is infatuated with what's-his-name.’
    • ‘Alan, Jed's older brother, is a lawyer in their father's Toronto firm, hating his profession but saddled with the expectations of his disapproving you-know-who.’
    • ‘So you-know-who is officially going?’
    • ‘The big dream is of an FA Cup upset against you-know-who.’
    • ‘Walford believes Celtic will gradually evolve to take account of the fact that you-know-who is no longer there.’
    • ‘Irish led by four points and were in sight of a famous victory when you-know-who was sin-binned in the second half.’
    • ‘Wrapped up in white, Pike is not merely a sexy birthday gift for you-know-who.’
    • ‘Els has long since come to accept that he is the main attraction only when you-know-who isn't there.’
    • ‘Back at the top of the leaderboard it was always you-know-who who was forging ahead.’
    • ‘If I turned up as a potential you-know-what, they at least listened.’