Meaning of you betcha in English:

you betcha


  • Used to express certainty or as a strongly positive response.

    • ‘Had she pictured herself in a Broadway role? You betcha’
    • ‘‘You have everything under control?’ ‘You betcha!’’
    • ‘I'm going to make a big ol' bowl of popcorn for that show, you betcha.’
    • ‘Will tonight's debate matter? You betcha.’
    • ‘Pet peeve of mine, you betcha!’
    • ‘His phrase of the moment is "you betcha" - frequently spouted when he is asked if he intends to take action on something close to Labour hearts.’
    • ‘Will I return - you betcha!’
    • ‘You betcha this Minnesota guy was willing to be interviewed!’
    • ‘Anyhow, she was intelligent too, you betcha, the smartest kitty cat I've ever known.’
    • ‘That merited a high-five, you betcha.’