Meaning of you can't lose in English:

you can't lose


  • Used to express the belief that someone must inevitably profit from an action or undertaking.

    ‘we're offering them for only £2.50—you can't lose!’
    • ‘For the most part, keep being a good friend and see what develops; Even if you don't become boyfriend / girlfriend, you'll have a great guy pal - either way, you can't lose!’
    • ‘Go for it - you can't lose.’
    • ‘Forget the nervous breakdown Helen, take my advice and go for it girl - you can't lose.’
    • ‘He convinces you if you play the schemes right, you can't lose.’
    • ‘In other words, you can't lose, and you can only gain.’
    • ‘You should bet the table limit, because you can't lose.’
    • ‘Do what you love with people you care about, and you can't lose.’
    • ‘Here we will look at another Craps betting option in which, for one roll anyway, you can't lose!’
    • ‘As long as you follow this rule, you can't lose!’
    • ‘Go on, you can't lose and you just might acquire the confidence to make an outstanding success at your home business or other challenging venture!’