Meaning of you can say that again! in English:

you can say that again!


  • Used to express emphatic agreement.

    ‘‘The weather's been bad.’ ‘You can say that again!’’
    • ‘‘Are you guys all right? I know that wasn't the smoothest car ride.’ ‘You can say that again,‘I said, my toe still throbbing.’
    • ‘It's not something we can predict too far in advance. You can say that again.’
    • ‘Jesse cocked his head to one side, muttering, ‘you can say that again’.’
    • ‘‘It is unbelievable that we won’ - yeah, you can say that again.’
    • ‘He said of his book that it is ‘philosophy as it has never been seen before’ - to which the only possible short reply is ‘man, you can say that again’.’