Meaning of you know something? in English:

you know something?

(also you know what?)


  • Used to indicate that one is going to say something interesting or surprising.

    ‘You know what? I believed her’
    • ‘They pulled me, poked me, sucked blood out of me, pumped drugs into me, and you know what? They still couldn't find anything wrong with me.’
    • ‘But you know something, my job is to uphold the laws of the state.’
    • ‘Well, you know something, the strangest thing is that I never went to counseling for 20 years after Adam.’
    • ‘And you know something, so far, it's worked in I'd say seven different relationships.’
    • ‘And you know something, I don't care because substance abuse is substance abuse.’
    • ‘Do you know something, his Girl Friday, who organises his race plans, is running in this year's London marathon.’
    • ‘And you know something, I called her the next morning and we patched the whole thing up.’
    • ‘And do you know something: there was not one bawdy Brit or a battered pair of trainers anywhere in sight!’
    • ‘People might be accepting but that means absolutely nothing because you know what? They're all cowards.’
    • ‘And do you know what, we just happened to get a close up shot of your man later in the game.’