Meaning of you name it in English:

you name it


  • Whatever you can think of (used to express the extent or variety of something)

    ‘easy-to-assemble kits of cars, lorries, ships … you name it’
    • ‘Race car, clubhouse, pirate ship, you name it, nothing beats the plain old cardboard box.’
    • ‘Whatever the issue of the day - you name it - one would find a few days later that his picture would appear in the paper with a story.’
    • ‘Now back to the future: there are lots of carnivals now, for medical blogs, for recipes, for you name it.’
    • ‘There's food - rotis, pretty much jerk everything - chicken, goat, cow, you name it.’
    • ‘The total number of indoor shows - ranging from comedy to dance to opera to burlesque to you name it - is 97.’
    • ‘Hats, towels, polo shirts: you name it, he was signing it, while also endeavouring to flick away the fag ash he was depositing on the goods.’
    • ‘Underlings, superiors, competition among contemporaries, you name it, this has it.’
    • ‘There was senators and his cabinet people, you name it, they were there.’
    • ‘I watched as grandmas walked through fire, grandpas, priests, truck drivers, young mothers, rockers, you name it.’
    • ‘I tried every diet going - you name it - but nothing seemed to work.’