Meaning of you wouldn't catch — doing something in English:

you wouldn't catch — doing something


  • Used to indicate that there is no possibility of the person mentioned doing what is specified.

    ‘you wouldn't catch me walking back to the house alone at night’
    • ‘While you wouldn't catch me, or I'd imagine, most sane people, driving a vehicle out onto a frozen lake, it's fun to watch the people ice fishing, being pulled on skis or just taking a leisurely stroll.’
    • ‘I wonder if the people look down on us queuing up and laugh, thinking you wouldn't catch me in a car.’
    • ‘Well, you wouldn't catch me behind the stick of one of those things.’
    • ‘Goodness me, you wouldn't catch me out there in the early mornings with hair in curlers and a shovel under my arm.’
    • ‘Nowadays you wouldn't catch me in the sea without at least a wetsuit, if not a drysuit.’
    • ‘Usually you wouldn't catch me dead at a movie with such a female perspective, but as I've seen the original, I thought I would give the ‘frumpy’ Bridget another shot.’
    • ‘Oh no, you wouldn't catch me doing that, guv'nor…’
    • ‘I've had a lot of fun with terms that are too intricate to vocalize myself, but you wouldn't catch me announcing such an unfortunate phrase in public.’
    • ‘But you wouldn't catch me staring into his eyes.’
    • ‘I can assure you, though, that you wouldn't catch me sitting on a dock of a bay this particular shade of rust.’