Meaning of young-earth creationist in English:

young-earth creationist


  • A person who believes in or advocates young-earth creationism.

    ‘most young-earth creationists say the earth is 6000 years old’
    • ‘Young-earth creationists claim the discovery of dinosaur soft tissue is a stunning rebuttal to the old earth paradigm.’
    • ‘Young-Earth creationists have criticized the Intelligent Design movement for encouraging a loose reading of the Bible.’
    • ‘Tisdall is a self-proclaimed evangelical Christian and Young-Earth Creationist, meaning that he believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible.’
    • ‘Neither we nor any other young-earth creationist we know is accusing old-earth scholars of evil motives.’
    • ‘Young-Earth creationists tend to believe that the Neandertals were a post-Flood people.’
    • ‘Years ago, at a conference on the Genesis creation accounts, I shared the speakers platform with three old-earth creationists and one young-earth creationist.’
    • ‘Dr Werner Gitt is a leading German scientist and young-earth creationist who is an expert on information theory.’
    • ‘Some believers are young-Earth creationists but they cannot defend their position.’
    • ‘What about those godly scholars who are not young-earth creationists?’