Meaning of young-earther in English:



  • another term for young-earth creationist

    • ‘One of the guys in my dorm was even a young-earther.’
    • ‘No young-Earther says that Yom always means a literal day.’
    • ‘The young-Earther proposes that the sequence of fossils represents the differing abilities of animals to avoid the rising flood waters in the time of Noah.’
    • ‘One of the three papers was written by a young-Earther.’
    • ‘Yom does very rarely have a non-literal meaning, as young-Earthers have always acknowledged.’
    • ‘I know of no young-Earthers who accuse all old-Earthers of denying a literal Adam and Eve.’
    • ‘The anti-Darwin movement, at least in its popular form, began in the primitive whoops and hollers of young-earthers and seven-day literalists.’
    • ‘A number of the creationist Kansas Board members and science writing committee are young-earthers.’
    • ‘The fact that there were long deliberations shows that young-Earthers were there raising their voices against the old-Earth majority.’