Meaning of young-looking in English:



  • Having a youthful appearance.

    ‘a very young-looking cast’
    • ‘A photograph of 1959 shows a well-built man, still young-looking for his age.’
    • ‘OK, you're a very young-looking 80, by the way.’
    • ‘Many of the rich probably undergo plastic surgery to remain young-looking.’
    • ‘He begins an affair with his young-looking teacher, Leslie.’
    • ‘My favorite was from a handsome, young-looking attorney with his big smile pictured on his business card.’
    • ‘They have a very young-looking actor cavorting with a clearly much older-looking woman.’
    • ‘Green tea may be just the thing to keep your skin healthy and young-looking.’
    • ‘Stokes's chance to prove himself to his superior comes when the department needs a young-looking cop to go deep undercover at an elite private school.’
    • ‘I have him down as a young-looking mid-30s, until he tells me he is 24.’
    • ‘He's a fine actor, but he's simply too innocent- and young-looking to believably impart any sense of his emotional struggle.’