Meaning of young adult in English:

young adult


  • A person in their teens or early twenties.

    ‘the app is especially popular with teenagers and young adults’
    ‘she is the author of fifteen novels for young adults’
    • ‘To be eligible, charities must be registered in the UK and focus on helping children and young adults in some way.’
    • ‘Smith was an only child, who, over a seven-year period as a young adult, lost both her parents to cancer.’
    • ‘Economists say many Americans, especially teens and young adults, are finding that buying and owning a car stretches their financial resources.’
    • ‘Nine out of 10 young adults text their friends daily.’
    • ‘He's adding 'author' to his resume after turning an old film script into a new book series for young adults.’
    • ‘In reviewing your body of work, one thing that struck me is the wide variety of what you write - everything from picture books about fairies to weighty historical fiction for young adults.’
    • ‘She began writing full-time in 1980 and went on to publish more than 150 books for children and young adults.’
    • ‘A novel for young adults set in South Wales launches this week - complete with illustrations by teenage Welsh artists.’
    • ‘The young adults that we have taken on through the scheme have been focused, determined and driven to do well.’


  • Denoting or relating to fiction, films, television programmes, etc., intended or suitable for adolescents, especially those in their mid to late teens.

    ‘young adult novels’
    ‘the movies reach an audience beyond just the young adult demographic’
    • ‘The four movies were adapted from young adult author Suzanne Collins' best-selling trilogy.’
    • ‘Finally a TV show that captures todays young adult generation to a tee!’
    • ‘I don't even acknowledge that there's another section at bookstores other than young adult.’
    • ‘But the reality is that young adult fantasy franchises are notoriously difficult to launch.’
    • ‘2013 was a year stuffed with high-profile film adaptations of young adult bestsellers.’
    • ‘This is one of those cutesy, overwritten, young adult, rom-coms that seem to be modelled on an old episode of Dawson's Creek.’
    • ‘Winslet returns as the icy blond authority figure crucial to every dystopian young adult story.’
    • ‘It gives this world a unique look compared to other young adult stories.’
    • ‘But if you're tiring of post-apocalyptic young adult book adaptations, there's nothing new here that's going to win you over.’
    • ‘It was nice asking someone who has been through the process and is kind of seasoned in the young adult franchise.’