Meaning of young man in English:

young man


  • 1A young man or a boy.

    • ‘All those girls are doing better at school than young men.’
    • ‘Tony Sewell takes as his primary area of concern the issues facing black schoolboys and young men.’
    • ‘Self-harm is more common amongst girls and young women than amongst boys and young men.’
    • ‘The majority of cases of youth crime involve young men who live in families where there is no positive male role model.’
    • ‘She has plans to take them under her wing and build a school for the young men.’
    • ‘There seemed a particular poignancy in the lives of boys and young men being crushed out at a moment of supreme joy.’
    • ‘On the corner, the two young men were already shoving the painter into a hospital van.’
    • ‘Adolescents and young men who use laptops several times a day over many years face the greatest risk.’
    • ‘In the first heat, in Glasgow, the top three places were taken by young men with a girl close behind.’
    • ‘What is it that drives a tiny number of young men and women into extreme violence?’
    • ‘He is delighted to be here and working with boys and young men he has come to know and respect.’
    • ‘In the ballet, the two girls represent the two boys and the young man is Diaghilev.’
    • ‘As winter turns to spring, a young man's fancy turns not to love, but to Cricket.’
    • ‘Immediately, the young man sprung into action, quickly running to the home in a dash of mercy.’
    • ‘The play is a horror story, charting a young man's descent into madness in a rural Irish town.’
    • ‘Spring is when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love - or so they say.’
    • ‘Two youths approached the young man and asked him to sell them cannabis.’
    • ‘In custody since his arrest he has grown from a fresh-faced boy to a brooding young man.’
    • ‘The young men, fiery savage children of a gentle civilized mother, slew with neither ruth nor pity.’
    • ‘These agencies are also targeting young men and boys for the same reasons.’
    youngster, young one, little one, boy, girl
    1. 1.1A form of address used by an adult to a boy, often in annoyance.
      ‘don't waste my time, young man’
      • ‘One thing's for sure, young man, she certainly could talk her way into your wallet.’
    2. 1.2dated A boyfriend.
      sweetheart, loved one, love, true love, lady love, darling, dearest, dear one, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, young lady, young man, woman friend, lady friend, man friend, beau, admirer, worshipper, inamorata, inamorato