Meaning of youngie in English:



informal Australian
  • A young person.

    ‘experienced players help out the youngies’
    • ‘If you reckon that there is a certain amount of work available, then more oldies in the work force would mean more youngies on the dole.’
    • ‘Losing the first to their mature counterparts, the youngies bounced back and won the next two sets.’
    • ‘I know all the oldies want us youngies to get away from the telly and have some fun but what about those rainy days?’
    • ‘The DJ Rockin' Robbin played the golden oldies for the oldies and the youngies!’
    • ‘He'd be an excellent mentor for the youngies.’
    • ‘The youngies in particular find it really difficult—we are trying to shelter them.’
    • ‘Newspapers and even the TV broadcasters were desperate to attract young readers and young viewers, ignoring the obvious fact that it was oldies who stayed in to watch TV while the youngies were clubbing.’
    • ‘The senator was another youngie, before she got old and was co-opted into party's Circle of Darkness.’
    • ‘Flanked by hipster musicians in skinny jeans, Richie seems to be trying to attract the youngies in the crowd.’
    • ‘This is a day and night session of laid back dance music from past and present for youngies and oldies, parents and players.’
    young person, young adult, young man, young woman, youth, juvenile, teenager, adolescent, junior, stripling, whippersnapper, young one, little one, child