Meaning of youngish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjʌŋɪʃ/

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See young

‘My first thought was that perhaps they were turned away for their own protection, with it being quite a youngish bar.’
  • ‘I suppose it attracted a youngish crowd, but I am not so sure about drugs.’
  • ‘In 15 years, when the 60's generation of priests are dead or retired and the numbers have hit bottom and start to grow again, the ones who are left will be youngish and orthodox.’
  • ‘The presentation of everything was always interesting, and the youngish international staff was obviously well-schooled with knowledge of the menu choices.’
  • ‘He doesn't mind a youngish woman smiling and saying hello but he doesn't want an offer of assistance and until I see he needs it, I'm not going to either wound his pride or incur his wrath.’