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possessive pronoun

  • 1Used to refer to a thing or things belonging to or associated with the person or people that the speaker is addressing.

    ‘the choice is yours’
    • ‘it's no business of yours’
    • ‘Are they the roles you want to continue playing or is that a deliberate choice of yours to put out that image to get roles for those sort of films?’
    • ‘Is that a concern of yours?’
    • ‘Give her all the stuff out of your apartment that belongs to her and get all of yours out of hers if you can.’
    • ‘You simply didn't have a choice but to sit down with a friend of yours.’
    • ‘For those freakish friends of yours without e-mail, follow up with a printed invite.’
    • ‘That hasn't happened in my case, and I know it hasn't happened in the case of yours.’
    • ‘That oh-so active imagination of yours could land you in some hot water.’
    • ‘A popular saying mentions that the one who gives you a piece of bread in times of hunger, this one is a real brother or friend of yours.’
    • ‘And I can see they're really triggering that overstimulated brain of yours.’
    • ‘They would always start by saying, I have a son who is a big fan of yours, Mr. Jackson.’
    • ‘Because he's talking about a younger brother of yours and a connection with him.’
    • ‘Time to let that inner child of yours out from the basement.’
    • ‘Aren't you curious to see how a child of yours will turn out?’
    • ‘I guess I have to be a sexist to accept that statement of yours.’
    • ‘Well, I will pray for you and that your heart will continue to be happy in this first new chair of yours.’
    • ‘What is going to be your new approach and style in this new venture of yours?’
    • ‘So, take off your shirt, loosen the belt and evaluate that tummy of yours.’
    • ‘Remember this - If you see someone without a smile then give them one of yours!’
    • ‘I remember talking to a former playing colleague of yours at Preston, right-winger Les Campbell.’
    • ‘Thus armed with a powerful mandate, I want to talk to you about this novel of yours.’
    1. 1.1(in commercial use) your letter.
      • ‘Mr Smythe has sent me yours of the 15th inst. regarding the vacancy’
  • 2Used in formulas ending a letter.

    ‘Yours sincerely, John Watson’
    • ‘Yours, Jim Lindsay’



/jɔːz/ /jʊəz/