Meaning of youth club in English:

youth club

(also youth centre)


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  • A place or organization providing leisure activities for young people.

    ‘A permanent youth worker is now in place on the estate to work with youngsters and try to organise a youth club and other activities for them.’
    • ‘We don't need a leisure centre, a youth club or a swimming pool, we demand it.’
    • ‘The new priest didn't get on with young people so the youth club began to deteriorate.’
    • ‘The youth club catered for various activities like music, dance drama and poetry.’
    • ‘There is a youth club, summer camp and Halloween disco run in conjunction with the community hall.’
    • ‘The only provision was a youth club which ran two nights a week at Oaken Grove School.’
    • ‘Members of Great Bardfield Parish Council and the organisers of the village youth club are now counting the cost of the arson.’
    • ‘Plans are being finalised for the opening of the youth club in the old school.’
    • ‘The village opened its first youth club last summer and since then vandalism has not been a problem.’
    • ‘Instead the pub will be transformed into a youth club with direct input from the young people themselves.’
    • ‘A group of teenagers in Westbury have vowed to secure a skate park for their youth centre despite recent setbacks.’
    • ‘Another £50,000 would be allocated to build a new youth centre and skate park in the town.’
    • ‘She said the centre, which is run by volunteers, does a lot for young people in the village including running a youth club.’
    • ‘The youth club on Ryelands Park said the young people wanted to collect for a bench to go outside the venue.’
    • ‘The more leaders the more young people will be able to get involved in the youth club.’
    • ‘Even when the youth centre is closed, said Coun Allen, groups of young people congregate in the shelter of its walls.’
    • ‘The studio has been funded by a grant secured by young people who attend the youth centre each week.’
    • ‘A youth club set up for children in a deprived seaside resort has been closed after cruel thieves stole a haul of their equipment.’
    • ‘The trip has been organised in conjunction with a youth club in Harsun, Germany.’