Meaning of youth custody centre in English:

youth custody centre


  • (formerly in the UK) a centre for the detention of criminals between the ages of 15 and 20 for periods exceeding four months, replaced by young offender institutions.

    • ‘The way he was going I thought he was going to end up in a youth custody centre.’
    • ‘Nine out of ten of teenagers that serve time in youth custody centres are reconvicted within two years.’
    • ‘The 2002-2003 downsizing saw the number of youth custody centres in the province reduced from seven to three.’
    • ‘One of the areas she feels most passionate about is visiting the open and secure youth custody centers.’
    • ‘The provincial youth custody center did not send the youth to the hospital till after a number of times the youth lost consciousness.’
    prison, penal institution, place of detention, lock-up, place of confinement, guardhouse, correctional facility, detention centre