Meaning of youthful in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːθfʊl/ /ˈjuːθf(ə)l/

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  • 1Young or seeming young.

    ‘people aspiring to remain youthful’
    • ‘JAM is an Entity that feeds off the primal passion and youthful energy of its young audience.’
    • ‘We have got very young and youthful team and our boys possess a lot of skill and speed accompanied by peak fitness.’
    • ‘Although the younger boy was very youthful looking, he was only an inch or two shorter than Chris.’
    • ‘He was barely fifteen and his youthful face and skinny body made him look even younger.’
    • ‘We were all young once and many of us, in those youthful days, had very little, if anything, to assist our social times.’
    • ‘He still maintains a youthful air, looking rather like a younger John Martyn.’
    • ‘Post-war deprivation was over and the young were allowed to be youthful and unafraid.’
    • ‘At least the teens have their youthful naivete as an excuse for auditioning.’
    • ‘Jackson has come a long way since his youthful ineptitudes in Derry.’
    • ‘The performer was a youthful Julio Iglesias complete with the white suit tilt.’
    • ‘King says his youthful age and being a Black man are very beneficial in his position.’
    • ‘In the past, youthful misdeeds would eventually reach the ears of mum and dad.’
    • ‘The films of the youthful crop, both male and female, have been faring quite well in the theatres.’
    • ‘An endearing nature of his immortal works is the visage of youthful innocence and simplicity.’
    • ‘Challenging behaviour is part of growing up - many readers will recall their own youthful pranks.’
    • ‘In Basildon, the percentage of youthful misdemeanours is the highest, at eight per cent.’
    • ‘One of his friends referred to him as a very sly and funny and youthful man who dressed like an old man.’
    • ‘We had incredible belief in ourselves - that youthful arrogance that goes with the whole package.’
    • ‘Clearly buying shares in retailers that cater to the whims of youthful storecard addicts is a strategy that has had its day.’
    • ‘Sometimes, though, I look in the mirror and I am quickly reminded that I am not so youthful after all.’
    young-looking, spry, sprightly, vigorous, active
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    1. 1.1Typical or characteristic of young people.
      ‘youthful enthusiasm’
      • ‘The bug of enthusiasm and the youthful spirit in the air stung Trivedi too.’
      • ‘His face changes from characterful to youthful exuberance with the flash of a grin.’
      • ‘His youthful enthusiasm seemed to blend seamlessly with the tenacity of Steve Thompson and Phil Vickery.’
      • ‘This was a contest of youthful enthusiasm and fitness of the visitors versus the experience and guile of the home side.’
      • ‘The flipside of his team's youthful enthusiasm is the lack of composure that sometimes accompanies it.’
      • ‘Our lodger is busy canvassing for her candidate and I kind of envy her youthful enthusiasm and lack of cynicism.’
      • ‘He looks like he could knock you out, but his voice is full of youthful enthusiasm.’
      • ‘Perhaps that is a sign that youthful enthusiasm has departed and life is more important.’
      • ‘You are youthful and enthusiastic about new creative projects and opportunities today.’
      • ‘My skin looked gratifyingly perky and youthful, my rings felt loose and my trousers were distinctly droopy.’
      • ‘Preparing for this role has allowed him to relive much of his own youthful exuberance.’
      • ‘He was chosen for his youthful dynamism, which the party hoped could match that of his political rival, Wilson.’
      • ‘She had worked for many years in a medical students' hostel and had seen us with our youthful exuberance and excesses.’
      • ‘I was totally secure in a blanket of love and youthful exuberance and confidence.’
      • ‘Perhaps it's not just him that seems indifferent to such youthful exuberance.’
      • ‘They are blessed with youthful effervescence, a decent front man and scratchy lead guitar.’
      • ‘His youthful exuberance was making it hard for anyone to catch up with him.’
      • ‘Many of the men one sees in audiences are considerably younger but lack the youthful vigour of conductors.’
      • ‘He seems more boyish and youthful than the rather circumspect Sandler.’
      • ‘Cheered but still sober, we head for the Monkey Bar, a more stylish and youthful venue in a Bath Street basement.’
      energetic, active, animated, vigorous, dynamic, full of life, outgoing, spirited, high-spirited, vivacious, enthusiastic, vibrant, buoyant, exuberant, effervescent, cheerful
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