Main meanings of yuan in English

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Pronunciation /jʊˈɑːn/

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nounplural noun yuan

  • The basic monetary unit of China, equal to 10 jiao or 100 fen.

    ‘Today, they are still sending production to China as the yuan and the dollar weaken.’
    • ‘These pressures are also raising the cost of keeping the yuan pegged to the dollar.’
    • ‘Maybe China will allow the yuan to float by 2008 if it is able to complete its financial reforms in time.’
    • ‘Revaluing the yuan could catapult China's economy past some of the world's biggest.’
    • ‘The right conditions do not exist at the moment for China to adjust its yuan exchange rate.’
    • ‘Exchange rates for the rouble, the Mongolian tugrik and the Chinese yuan may be inflated on the train.’
    • ‘Since the revaluation, the yuan has gained less than 0.3 percent against the dollar.’
    • ‘Do you agree with the idea that the NT dollar need not rise unless the Chinese yuan also rises?’
    • ‘The yuan is pegged to the dollar and has not kept pace with the country's expansion, so making goods even cheaper.’
    • ‘The People's Bank of China is increasing the value of the yuan by two per cent.’
    • ‘The United States has urged China to allow greater flexibility in the yuan exchange rate.’
    • ‘For decades, the yuan has been pegged at a low rate to the US dollar.’
    • ‘Reports showed that mainland car buyers defaulted on loans of up to 100 billion yuan last year.’
    • ‘In the short term, floating the yuan will likely lead to its strengthening.’
    • ‘The government has yet to announce foreign currencies the yuan is linked to.’
    • ‘During the late 1980s they had built two large fishing boats that cost half a million yuan.’
    • ‘The speculation was fanned by the yuan's rise on April 29 to its strongest in a decade.’
    • ‘They expect Hong Kong to eventually become a testing ground for convertibility of the yuan.’
    • ‘The Central Bank of China recently announced changes in the exchange rate of Chinese yuan.’
    • ‘China's football giant pays a bonus of millions of yuan when the team wins an important match.’


Chinese, literally ‘round’; compare with yen.

Main meanings of Yuan in English

: yuan1Yuan2


Pronunciation /jʊˈɑːn/

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proper noun

  • A dynasty that ruled China 1279–1368, established by the Mongols under Kublai Khan. It preceded the Ming dynasty.