Meaning of Yucatec in English:


nounYucatec, Yucatecs

  • 1A member of an indigenous people of the Yucatán peninsula in south-eastern Mexico.

    • ‘Many Mayan indigenous groups live in Mexico such as the Yucatecs, the Tzotzil, and the Tzeltal.’
    • ‘The majority of the population lived outside the city walls in palapa huts similar to the homes many Yucatecs live today.’
    • ‘The Tzotzil and Tzeltals live in the highlands of Chiapas, while the Yucatecs live on the tropical Yucatán Peninsula.’
    • ‘More than six million people speak today one about the twenty-eight Maya languages spread within nine great families, among whom Quiches and Yucatecs are most numerous.’
    • ‘The Yucatecs live on the warm and tropical Yucatan Peninsula, and the Tzotzil and Tzeltal live in the highlands of Chiapas.’
    1. 1.1informal A native or inhabitant of the peninsula or the state of Yucatán.
  • 2mass noun The Mayan language of the Yucatec people, with about 500,000 speakers.

    ‘Despite the fact that modern Yucatec has retained many features of Classic Maya, its ‘ancientness,’ like that of any living language, is highly disputable.’


  • Relating to the Yucatec or their language.

    ‘Colonial Yucatec ritual practice also insisted on ceremonies of nomination and ordering.’


From Spanish yucateco.