Meaning of yucca in English:



  • A plant of the agave family with swordlike leaves and spikes of white bell-shaped flowers that are dependent upon the yucca moth for fertilization, native to warm regions of the US and Mexico.

    Genus Yucca, family Agavaceae: many species, including the Spanish bayonet

    • ‘Blue rescue retains its color all winter, as do yuccas ' sword-like leaves.’
    • ‘Yucca's white bell-shape flowers last only briefly.’
    • ‘The often steep and rugged lower slopes of the mountains are dominated by cacti, agaves, yuccas, and thorn-bearing shrubs.’
    • ‘Another indestructible plant that grows directly in the sand is the yucca.’
    • ‘It remains to be shown quantitatively that selective fruit abortion in yuccas can increase plant fitness.’
    • ‘They helped raise the young, gather food such as yuccas and other plants and even hunted smaller animals such as rodents and turtles.’
    • ‘We are not certain what is going on in New Mexico, whose state bird is the road runner and whose state flower is the yucca.’
    • ‘It searches among the yucca cactuses and Joshua trees for a lonely radar station atop a mountain peak.’
    • ‘Snow weighs heavily along the branches of ponderosa pines and buries a yucca to the tips of its spears.’
    • ‘A six-foot yucca plant, still in the pot, had its leaves burned into stumps.’
    • ‘This particular location is unique because you catch both redwoods and yuccas in one view.’
    • ‘At each curve, my father's old Plymouth's headlight beams swept the dark yuccas and bougainvillea.’
    • ‘I've got a big orchid plant which is lovely, a yucca and some peace lilies because they are so easy to look after.’
    • ‘Yesterday someone in the IT dept brought me up a yucca plant to look after.’
    • ‘There's a complete chain of command to determine where the office yucca plant should go.’
    • ‘The minute you convert your entire yard to yucca and yarrow, you're sure to be visited by the one deer in America that prefers these plants.’
    • ‘This incredibly beautiful desert wouldn't be complete without its gardens of cactus, black brush, yucca, monkey flower, Easter flowers and ferns.’
    • ‘Grow thorny plants like agave, barberry, cactus, Natal plum, and yucca under rear windows.’
    • ‘Some nutritious vegetables enjoyed by Panamanians are plantain, yellow yam, yucca, and bread fruit.’
    • ‘If you want something striking, go for a plant with architectural interest such as yucca or phormium.’


Mid 16th century (denoting cassava): from Carib.