Meaning of yuck factor in English:

yuck factor


  • A feeling of horror, revulsion, or disgust generated by an aspect of an idea, action, situation, etc.

    • ‘water recycling is problematic even aside from the yuck factor of drinking purified sewage’
    • ‘There's a big yuck factor in the kiss.’
    • ‘Underlying much of the concern about a calf that is not even herself a clone is the "yuck factor".’
    • ‘Somewhere in between lies what one can call the yuck factor.’
    • ‘Probably most of his classmates that morning were concentrating on the yuck factor of that dirty cup.’
    • ‘And the construction of human-animal hybrid embryos pushes the yuck factor right up to the limit.’
    • ‘The only disadvantage of this type of therapy other than the yuck factor is the tickling sensation felt by some patients.’
    • ‘And I think it added to what we will call the sort of yuck factor to the story.’
    • ‘And so it raises a yuck factor in their minds.’
    • ‘If we could only get over the 'yuck factor,' a bug sector may be a welcome addition to the roster of Canadian agricultural products.’
    • ‘There ought to be a yuck factor, but there isn't.’
    • ‘When it comes to thinking about how to regulate the science, the best test may be the "yuck factor."’
    • ‘Orange County residents went through that yuck factor when they started to recycling sewage this year.’
    • ‘Note the similarity to the yuck factor used to justify banning cloning and other biotech/biomedical innovations.’
    • ‘Despite a mild yuck factor and general discomfort of watching people's lives in constant flux, I do not hesitate to recommend it as a huge feel-good movie.’
    • ‘"We know that when people first hear about these issues they experience the 'yuck factor' and they react with horror," she said.’
    • ‘With hands-only CPR, advocates say, potential rescuers don't have to contemplate what for some could be the "yuck factor" of putting their mouth to an unconscious person's and breathing for them.’
    • ‘One of the first things she confronted in making the documentary, says the director, was "the yuck factor," the reaction that could cause viewers to say: "Yuck, I don't want to look at this."’
    disgust, repulsion, abhorrence, repugnance, nausea, loathing, horror, hatred, detestation, aversion, abomination, distaste, antipathy, dislike, contempt, odium