Meaning of yucky in English:


(also yukky)

adjectiveyuckier, yuckiest, yukkier, yukkiest

  • Messy or disgusting.

    ‘yucky green-grey slushy cabbage’
    • ‘So we have snow here… yucky, messy snow that makes my feet wet.’
    • ‘They were dirty - really yucky and gross - the earring backs didn't even match, and one back wouldn't even fit on its post!’
    • ‘They are gooey and slimy and wet and horrible and yucky and revolting.’
    • ‘It should be icky and yucky, but actually it's got bags of fun and loads of laughs, with a very cutely judged moment of pathos as Stuart has to drive home from school on his own in his little roadster, because no human kid wants to play with him.’
    • ‘Spiders are fundamentally gross and yucky creatures and any messing with their place in the scheme of things will produce something grosser and yuckier still.’
    • ‘They are evil and yucky.’
    • ‘I also took down yucky dirty plates and mugs people had left in the work room.’
    • ‘It was so vile, so yucky, so out of character and so outrageous that Marky almost had a fit from laughing.’
    • ‘It was yucky but intriguing.’
    • ‘Blame it on a yucky mix of sweat and gross bacteria.’
    • ‘We had lousy weather here in Florida - it was rainy and yucky outside, and we hadn't heard of any event that sounded exciting, so we just decided to keep it quiet.’
    • ‘They'll see the yucky black emptiness inside, and they'll be repulsed and run away.’
    • ‘After 8 years of a yukky stained toilet, I had decided to invest in an extra-strong 3-in-one product that had advertised itself ‘able to get rid of stubborn stains‘.’
    • ‘Or if the weather was yukky, we'd watch the Macy's parade on TV.’
    • ‘I've never sent back food, complained about service, returned yukky wine - hell, I don't even take broken things back to the shop.’
    • ‘I know of course, that the world is not yukky all the time; that I have the promise of a walk in the woods this weekend and that I do not have anything to be really worried about.’
    • ‘Spirits taste of yukky medicine, as far as my tastebuds are concerned.’
    • ‘That's a yucky, sensitive place to have a bruise.’
    • ‘Today was yucky and hot so I went and saw 2 movies in a row, hey doesn't cost me anything cos I work there.’
    • ‘My sinuses are all bunged all and I feel all weak and yucky.’
    foul, nasty, unpleasant, bad, disagreeable, horrid, horrible, dreadful, abominable, atrocious, offensive, obnoxious, odious, unsavoury, repulsive, off-putting, repellent, revolting, repugnant, disgusting, distasteful, loathsome, hateful, nauseating, sickening