Meaning of Yukon stove in English:

Yukon stove


  • A lightweight portable stove consisting of a small metal box divided into firebox and oven.

    • ‘Built to rigid military specifications, the Yukon stove is designed for fast, easy disassembly.’
    • ‘Our high morale was aided by the use of our Yukon stoves at night and plenty of hot beverages.’
    • ‘The Yukon stove is a rectangular box with folding legs.’
    • ‘There is a bed, covered with a caribou hide, a Yukon stove, a small table, and five chairs.’
    • ‘The Yukon stove is used currently to provide heat for personnel and equipment inside 5-and 10-man Arctic tents.’
    • ‘The joy of cooking on a Yukon stove comes from building a roaring big fire to get the pot to boiling, then shutting that stove down tight.’
    • ‘Among the goods advertised were asbestos-lined Yukon stoves, Klondike insect-proof masks, and frost extractors.’