Meaning of yule log in English:

yule log


  • 1A large log traditionally burnt in the hearth on Christmas Eve.

    • ‘The hall was stiflingly hot, and as we entered I saw why: directly across from the entrance, flames curled around a massive yule log set in a hearth large enough to hold a small crowd.’
    • ‘A yule log has traditionally been used to start the fire for the following year.’
    • ‘The evergreen and the yule log originated from the Norsemen.’
    1. 1.1A log-shaped chocolate cake eaten at Christmas.
      ‘Each guild must enter a Christmas table centre, homemade Christmas card, Christmas tea cosy and chocolate yule log.’
      ‘The winners of the monthly competition for the best homemade yule log was Doreen Mulhall.’


yule log

/ˈjuːl ˌlɒɡ/