Meaning of yummy mummy in English:

yummy mummy

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informal British
  • An attractive and stylish young mother.

    • ‘Yummy mummy Nell McAndrew shows off the form which will leave fans panting in tomorrow's London Marathon.’
    • ‘The yummy mummy market is clearly a lucrative one.’
    • ‘Gorgeous, smart, sexy, mysterious she is held up as the ultimate yummy mummy.’
    • ‘I think Katie looks gorgeous and casually confident in both shots the epitome of a yummy mummy.’
    • ‘I shouldn't have worried, of course, that area is the home of the art student and the yummy mummy.’
    • ‘I'm a large, trendy 42-year-old with small children and I'm trying to be a "yummy mummy".’
    • ‘It still looks like a yummy mummy plaything.’
    • ‘Unlike the yummy mummy in Dries Van Noten, I think she knew where I was coming from.’
    • ‘There is a really ugly underbelly to the cult of the celebrity yummy mummy.’
    • ‘Suddenly, for a brief, sweet moment, I realised I was the sort of nurturing yummy mummy I'd always dreamt of being.’
    • ‘The tribe of yummy mummies contributes to a redefinition of motherhood for the nation's young women.’
    • ‘I live in an area of north London which is awash with media luvvies and yummy mummies, many of whom work from home.’
    • ‘I first felt fashion-victim shame while lunching with four yummy mummies at the Crazy Daisy Café, a sweet little church-run place where nice old ladies serve home-made food.’
    • ‘Motherhood is nothing to be scared of future yummy mummies carry around a breathtaking list of concerns and questions.’
    • ‘Celebrity "yummy mummies" are making ordinary mothers feel "saggy, baggy and depressed" about their own bodies.’
    • ‘A true yummy mummy requires retouched highlights, immaculate foundation, mascara, exfoliation, leg-waxing and a slick of lipstick.’
    • ‘Forget yummy mummies, those mothers take style and success to a whole new level.’
    • ‘Real yummy mummies dedicate huge amounts of time to caring for their children, but reserve time to make themselves feel special, too.’
    • ‘We are now seeing a lot of the yummy mummies who are approaching their 40s and are deciding to have their teeth fixed.’
    • ‘The 'yummy mummy' phenomenon has gained strong cultural resonance; many women today seem persuaded that 4 am feeds and nappy-changes are as fulfilling as a career.’