Meaning of yuppie in English:


(also yuppy)

Pronunciation /ˈjʌpi/

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informal, derogatory
  • A fashionable young middle-class person with a well-paid job.

    • ‘stereotypical 1980s yuppies obsessed with material objects and financial success’
    • ‘a yuppie type from the bank’
    • ‘The yuppie crowds love the concept and organisers swear that these events are extremely popular.’
    • ‘There were even people playing football in the yuppie village this evening.’
    • ‘Harlem is a relatively harmless, rather dull patch of a great city still garnering a tiny cachet among the local yuppies because it used to have quite a spunky black community.’
    • ‘This hotel in Shivajinagar had for years remained outside the loop for the partying yuppy crowd.’
    • ‘I was born too late to be a yuppy, too early to be generation X, or a member of the Chemical Generation.’
    worldly, consumerist, money-oriented, money-grubbing


1980s elaboration of the acronym from young urban professional.