Meaning of zac in English:


Pronunciation /zak/


(also zack)
informal Australian, New Zealand with negative
  • Used for emphasis to denote no money at all.

    • ‘I won't contribute another zac until I know where my money is going’
    • ‘Apparently, he didn't pay a zac for his 75 per cent share and all he bought was the assets.’
    • ‘The cast has been short-changed: no residuals, despite playing in 125 countries, and not a zac from souvenir sales.’
    • ‘Unsubsidised arts like Australian computer game developers make world-class competitive products and don't receive a zac in Arts Council, Film Australia etc. funding.’
    • ‘He's subsequently missed out on the $850,000 in prize money that's since been won when he could have had every zac of it to himself.’
    • ‘Stay with them in the best room, get them to back his winners, and leave with big money without investing a zac.’


Late 19th century from an informal name for an old Australian sixpenny coin, probably ultimately from an early Scottish pronunciation of six.