Meaning of Zairean in English:


Pronunciation /zʌɪˈɪərɪən/

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(also Zairian)
  • Relating to or characteristic of the former country of Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo, or its people.

    ‘a Zairean doctor’
    • ‘The Zairean painter was showing illustrational pictures that dealt with informational content.’
    • ‘His background covers Zairian Soukous, Rhythm and Blues, Afro-Cuban, Alternative, and many other types of contemporary music.’
    • ‘These artists were inspired by this return to their African roots, as well as the enthusiasm of the Zairian audience, to give the performances of their lives.’


(also Zairian)
  • A native or inhabitant of the former country Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    ‘the Zaireans among them categorically refused to buy tickets’
    • ‘I have heard the same thing innumerable times from educated Zairians.’
    • ‘His efforts to repeat the phrase with his accent caused hilarity among Zaireans.’
    • ‘James Brown, Bill Withers, and BB King are just a few of the musical heavyweights who sweated into their polyester bellbottoms in front of an audience of joyful Zaireans.’