Meaning of zamindar in English:


Pronunciation /zəˈmiːndɑː/


(also zemindar)
historical Indian
  • A landowner, especially one who leases his land to tenant farmers.

    ‘Atman's ancestors left their homeland due to the cruel exploitation by the zamindars, besides excruciating poverty and disease.’
    • ‘Land ownership was redistributed to British-selected zamindars, by using excuses of human rights abuses of the prior owners or rulers.’
    • ‘The zamindars were not really ‘masters of the land’ but tax farmers subservient to imperial officials.’
    • ‘People must understand that society is not progressing because of rich zamindars alone; it is because of people who work in the fields.’
    • ‘He persuaded the big zamindars of the Malabar region, whose sons were his students, to part with large tracts of land, which was then mainly jungle.’


Via Urdu from Persian zamīndār, from zamīn ‘land’ + -dār ‘holder’.