Meaning of Zande in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzandi/

nounplural noun Zande, plural noun Azande/aˈzandi/

(also Azande)
  • 1A member of a central African people of mixed ethnic origin.

    ‘In Africa when the Azande prepare to fight they sit and wait for most of the day to pass.’
    • ‘These people were Azande, a tribal group scattered across central Africa in the Congo, the Sudan, and the Central African Republic.’
    • ‘Who's to say I'm wrong if I don't find modern physics very satisfying and would prefer the spiritual beliefs of the Azande?’
    • ‘Population migration in the 18th and 19th centuries brought new migrants into the area, including the Zande, Banda, and Baya-Mandjia.’
  • 2mass noun The Niger–Congo language of the Zande, with over a million speakers mainly in northern Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) and Sudan.


(also Azande)
  • Relating to the Zande or their language.

    • ‘The Simbas, however, had killed Faustino's brother, who was a paramount leader of the Azande tribe.’


The name in Zande.