Meaning of zapateado in English:


Pronunciation /zaˌpatɪˈɑːdəʊ/

nounplural noun zapateados

  • A flamenco dance with rhythmic stamping of the feet.

    ‘Benitez herself seems to have mellowed, employing fewer of her signature bravura zapateados and more of her expressive tilts of the head and slim-waisted torso and dramatic, sudden gestures.’
    • ‘It involves rapid, spirited steps similar to the Spanish zapateado, in which the feet tap the beat on the floor’
    • ‘They are known for bright melodies, witty lyrics, and vigorous zapateados incorporating flamenco characteristics.’
    • ‘Her zapateados were of truly elemental power and she brought them to breathtaking culminations in syncopated finales.’
    • ‘Throughout the state of Guerrero the people dance zapateados.’
    • ‘She is as commanding as ever - slender and supple in a parade of gorgeous costumes while her feet pound out the complicated zapateados and her fingers alternately play the castanets or weave sinuously through air.’


Mid 19th century Spanish, from zapato ‘shoe’.