Meaning of zapper in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzapə/

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  • 1A remote control for a television, video, or other piece of electronic equipment.

    • ‘A remote zapper for the central locking would also be welcome.’
    • ‘If you cannot make it to the National Arena get that zapper ready for the televised action which is sure to have you sitting on the edge of your seat.’
    • ‘Lesson One in this world is that the customer, with his finger on the zapper, the mouse, or the remote, wields control as never before.’
    • ‘Of course, the more strident it gets, the more we will reach for our zappers and switch to something less intrusive.’
    • ‘Sprinkled into the mix is the threat of the new generation of ad zappers.’
    • ‘Reality TV, real people doing things for the stay at home zappers to watch.’
    • ‘They consider that pressing a button on the TV zapper is exercise.’
    • ‘We live in the only house in the west of Scotland that doesn't have a zapper for the telly, for heaven's sake.’
    • ‘If it's good then no matter how many multi-coloured buttons you have on your zapper people will go to BBC news.’
  • 2North American An electronic device used for killing insects.

    • ‘a bug zapper’
    • ‘Electric bug zappers kill more beneficial insects than mosquitoes.’
    • ‘Research shows that bug zappers kill plenty of insects, such as June bugs and moths, but not many mosquitoes.’
    • ‘It is unfortunate that gadgets such as zappers, ultrasound devices, citronella and other ‘natural ‘repellents don't work.’
    • ‘The next year, shopping at Home Depot for some army ant anthrax, I saw the bug zappers for sale, then slapped my forehead and got out my checkbook.’
    • ‘There are so many bugs that the bug zappers aren't any good even for entertainment any more.’
    • ‘Someone brought out a bug zapper because there were a few mosquitoes.’
    • ‘Bug zappers and jacuzzis rarely mix well - unless you're playing The Sims, of course.’
    • ‘I looked at the bug zapper and I looked back at Dean.’
    • ‘The bug zapper is a tried-and-true staple of summer fun.’
    • ‘When I have a good stash of beers, he's like a junebug in a bug zapper.’
    • ‘Some stupid bird went and flew into the bug zapper.’