Meaning of Zarathustrian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌzarəˈθuːstrɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the prophet Zarathustra or his religious system.

    ‘a hymn in the Zarathustrian holy work’
    • ‘Thus Zarathustrian reform did not replace Mithra in the Iranian Pantheon.’
    • ‘In both cases we're talking about gags on the Zarathustrian saw rather than an act of theophonous violence.’
    • ‘The poems in these earlier volumes roiled in the fecundity of the creative mind with a sort of Zarathustrian flare.’
    • ‘The links take the user to such sites as the Jain Meditation International Center, the Punjabi American Heritage Society (Sikhs), and the Zarathustrian Assembly.’
    • ‘He believes that much of Judaeo-Christianity itself is Zarathustrian in origin.’


  • A follower of the prophet Zarathustra or his religious system.

    ‘They struggle with the Zarathustrians for the control of the territory.’
    • ‘God gave not to the Zarathustrians as to Israel, to move amongst strangers, but to dwell amidst the heathen within their own countries.’
    • ‘With these axioms in focus, Zarathustrians consistently make a concerted effort to learn and comprehend the nature and beliefs of other faiths.’
    • ‘There were the Holy Scriptures of the Zarathustrians, the so-called Avesta, as they were later named.’
    • ‘Formerly, the Zarathustrians occupied a very prominent place in the history of the world.’